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Thread: Marc's Specs

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    Default Marc's Specs

    Time to encode 3mins 1secs DV AVI with

    TMPGenc 2.5 Plus:
    PAL DVD (MPEG2) 720x568:
    - 8000K/bps CBR PCM 48KHZ (no de-interlace): 3mins 19secs
    - 8000K/bps CBR Layer-2 48kHz 384kbps (no de-interlace): 3mins 33secs
    - 8000K/bps CBR Layer-2 48kHz 384kbps (de-interlace): 3mins 33secs
    - 8000K/bps VBR Layer-2 48kHz 384kbps (no de-interlace): 7mins 36secs
    Video-CD PAL (MPEG-1) 352x288:
    - 1150k/bps CBR Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps: 2:02

    Adobe Premiere (Main Concept)
    PAL DVD (MPEG2) 720x568
    - 8000K/bps CBR PCM 48KHZ (no de-interlace): 4mins 40secs

    Processor: Pentium 4 3.06Ghz
    Motherboard: Asus P4G8X Deluxe
    Ram: 1GB DDR2700
    1 x 120GB West Deigital 2MB Cache
    1 x Deskstar 7K250 160GB SATA150 8 MB Cache
    1 x Western Digital Caviar 120GB Special Edition 8MB Cache Serial ATA
    Case: Cooler Master ATC110
    DVD Writer (1): Phillips DVDRW 228
    DVD Writer (2): NEC1300A
    Graphics Card: Asus V9280 Video Suite 8x
    Video Editing: On board Firewire for DV and video card breakout box for analogue

    Canon XM2
    Panasonic NV-DS27

    Software (used most often):
    Adobe Premiere Pro (editing)
    Nero 5.5 (VCD & DVD burning)
    Sonic DVDit (dvd creation)
    Tmpgenc Plus 2.5 (mpeg encoding)
    VirtualDub (DivX encoding)
    Cyberlink PowerDVD
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    i would ditch musicmatch and use eac and winlame if i were you. can't beat 'em.

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    whats a video card breakout box for analogue?

    how much is it?

    where can i get it?

    whats the quality like?

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    Some graphics cards have VIVO (Video In - Video Out) connections. Because of the amount of connections, most cards have what's known as a "break-out box", which plugs into the video card to offer all the connections in a convieniant box. Using this method, I can capture high quality video.
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    How much are these things?

    would i be better off getting a movie box from pinnacle (USB)

    You see, i am quite an experienced video editor (though i am only 14 im not bad.) I used to edit pictures but i allways have to use basics. with all my pictures the most powerful program i had was paint, and when ifirst started video with an analogue camera, it did not come with an edit lead so i did it all with 2 VCR's connected by scart recording and stopping to cut and paste. i then started digital video editing with movie maker 1, then later found out there was a free upgrade. Which, might i point out, is amazing for a peice of freeware. i know a lot about software but i never knew up until a few weeks ago that there was any such hardware which let you get analogue stuff onto digital format, so this is all new to me.

    help is much appreciated thanks

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    is this what i might be looking for?

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    Perhaps I was a tad misleading Essentially I use my graphics card to capture video. I have a
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    Something like this:

    Comnbined with this software:

    and these drivers

    Have produced excellent results for most users...
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    i already own a pinnacle PCTV rave card. though i was going to take it back beacause the quality was far from perfect (as it claimed on the box).

    will the software you suggested improve the quality from 2 frames a second?

    whats a driver??

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    A driver is the software that enables your harware to comunicate with the OS
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