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Thread: Dvd To Avi/mpeg Conversion

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    Default Dvd To Avi/mpeg Conversion

    Can anybody help me out.

    I do have one dlillema. Besides the obvious camcorder video editing, there are tv clips which i would like to keep and edit together.

    As a result i need to copy me dvd files onto pc and edit them with Adobe Prem pro. All sounsds too easy but since Prem Pro does not appear to recognise DVD files either VOB/IFO etc (seems strange when the software costs so much or am i missing something ???)

    I recently purchased software from AVS to carry out the conversion from VOB/IFO for then editing in Prem pro. Unfortunately this particular software appears very "ropey" to say the least.

    Has anybody had similar issues or can anybody recoomend the best software to carry out the conversion
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    I have the exakt same problem.
    i bought a Canon Dc100 some time ago. It finalizes the minidvd in .vob files.
    I want to convert the .vob files to either Avi or Mpeg.
    The programs that i have tested dosen't seem to give me the results i want,
    some are without sound etc.
    Please i really need to get this working.
    Maybe you darren already have found a way to get the results you want, please share if you have=)

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    Try PocketDivXEncoder from
    It is intended for converting video file to play on digital video players, Pocket PCs Smartphones and Palm Players etc.
    The output files are in MPEG4 format and will play on Media Player Classic or Windows MediaPlayer if you have the codecs installed.

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    Maybe can install this codec before conversion: k-lite.And I think that is more helpful.If you all like,can try winavi for conversion.It can support to convert to avi,dvd,vcd,mpeg,wmv or other format.

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