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    Hi All,
    Newbie to the forum so please bear with me. I have some old Hi8 tapes which I want to transfer to dvd on my dvd recorder. My old sony Hi8 camcorder (TR3100E)has given up the ghost so I borrowed a friend's. The problem is that I really wanted to show the time and date etc. which is why I borrowed a Sony Hi8 (TRV65E) camcorder very much like my old one, thinking that I'd be able to do this. However I can't get the date to show at all now, either on the lcd screen of the camcorder or onscreen on my tv! I'm quite sure that the date/time etc is on the tapes, but it won't show up no matter what I do. Can anyone help as these old tapes of my children are precious to me and I'd love to get this sorted. Any help would be very much appreciated,
    Thanks, Steve

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    Somy has changed the way the date works several times. Thanx Sony. On one of my cameras I can only get the date to show by using the remote control. Do you have the remote for that camera and does it have a 'data' button on it?

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    Yup I have a data button on the remote control, but nothing happens when I press it! I can't even get the date or time to show up on the camcorder lcd. I know for a fact I used to be able to do this on my old camcorder, so it seems odd that it doesn't work now.

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    Did you actually press the date/time button on the camcorder when you made the recordings? If you did then it will be recorded for 5 seconds or whatever length of time but it sounds like you can't get the date to show on playback rather than whilst recording. Did you write the dates of the recording on the small inlay card in the tape box? The only way would be to use a computer to superimpose the dates/times or if standalone titlers are still available you might be able to connect it between the video out of the camcorder and video in of the DVD deck and program a set of dates into it and make them display while you are copying from the camcorder to your DVD deck.

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