AS 3Gcoming,many new technology has been used in our everyday lift, 3G phone is one of the most important applications which has been newly adopted in 3Gs strom.Here Id like to introduce a free software and tells us how to use it to convert video file to 3GP and play it in the mobile phone. Hope that will be helpful to you!

Modern mobile phones have more and more features. They include cameras, games, mp3 players, radio receivers and of course, video players. However the files you already have in your computer are not playable in your mobile phone right away.

To help you achieve that this guide exists! Of course, there are many 3GP converters,such as Imtoo 3GP video converter and 5Star Mobile video,which is easy to use . it supports comprehensive video and audio files including AVI, MPEG, 3GP,etc. With variable settings and fast converting speed, it is an affordable, high quality 3GP video encoder. But this time I will use the freeware tool SUPER, probably the best free video converter available. You can download it from the web site.

Lets explain all the settings you need one by one.
First of all you need to select the format of the video.

The great majority of the phones uses the 3gp format. Select "3gp (Nokia/NEC/Siemens)" here or the "3gp (Sony Ericsson)" if you have that brand. If your phone's brand is not here but you are positive you can playback videos, select the "3gp (Nokia/NEC/Siemens) " option. In the "Output Video Codec" field select H.263 and in the "Output Audio Codec" one of the AMR options .

What follows are the video settings . Here you must know your phone's resolution and select the setting closer to its native one. After you decide what resolution to use, set the aspect ratio and set the frame rate to 12.5 or 15. The bigger the better, but if you see what your phone has trouble playing back the files you made try lower values. Finally set the bitrate somewhere between 128 and 240.

Then you can put the videos you want to be converted. You can drag-and-drop them inside or right-click and select "Add Multimedia Files".

Before you click the Encode button lets review the settings in SUPER's menu.

A setting you should set before you encode is "Specify The Output Folder Destination", and select the directory in your hard disk that you want SUPER to put the files it will encode in.

Finally you are ready to encode! Click the encode button and after a while you will have a file perfectly playable in your mobile phone!
Afterwards just move it over to your phone and enjoy!