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    I tried to use TMPEGnc to encode my DV-AVI to mpg (using the VCD template) so I can put it onto VCD. After it encoded all I could see was black, although I could hear the sounds..

    Is this a codec problem on my pc's side? or is the file not encoded right, or soemthing? Should i be able to watch the .mpg on my PC, or does it only work on the DVD player?

    Im a real n00b at this, so any help with be appreciated.. thanks
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    Just to get the obvious out of the way, can you play back the AVI okay on your PC (i.e do u have the relevant codec installed to playback the AVI file).

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    Interesting and maybe a coincidence Dom.

    yesterday when I went to your web site to view your two movies I had the same issue.

    Playing the movies from the web site, in the little pop-up player I got only sound and a black movie. However, if I right-clicked on the movie and chose the zoom to full screen option the movies came up but (obviously) in reduced, zoomed quality.

    I wonder if the the two things are related.

    Oh, and I still think you should have asked that guy who fell A-over-T over the balcony if he could do it again for a 'better take'. I'm sure he blinked on the way down - lol

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    The AVI files plays fine on my PC..

    Millsy, thats been happening to an awful lot of people! I need to sort that out too.. This is really wierd! It needs to be sorted out..

    So, anymore help with the .mpg Marc?
    iBook G4 | FCE | vx2100

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