Hi all,

First time post here and a complete newbie in terms of digital video and software.

Basically I have had a SONY DCR - HC40E MiniDV camera for 3 years and have recorded loads onto MiniDV tapes. The time has now come for me to get the footage off the tapes and onto DVDs.

I chose Premiere Pro 2 as my capture/editing software because I am familiar with other adobe products and read great reviews.

I have a SONY Vaio laptop and connect my camera to the laptop via the iLink connection. It all works fine and connects with no problems.

My main issue is probably easily resolved (hence the reason I am here) in so much that I can see my footage in the Capture Panel but it looks a bit wacky. Basically the footage plays back with a moire effect on everything (See image below). Its the best way I can discribe it really. The captured clips seem fine but I'm just not sure I have the software configured correctly.

The only other thing I can think of is my graphics card drivers. I have a GeForce Go 6200 with the standard drivers that came out of the box from SONY. Could this be an issue? I'm assuming the capture window is using more or different memory as its realtime compared to the clips which are saved to the hard disc?

I'm clutching at straws really. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this to occur in the capture panel?

Any help great needed and appreciated.

Kind regards,