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Thread: Garbage Matte add new handle

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    Default Garbage Matte add new handle

    I've searched both adobes help files and the net to find out how to do this but couldn't find it anywhere so I'd be gratefull for some help here. I'm looking into the garbage matte effect, and when adding this I get 4 handles to move around to fit the object I want as non-transistent. Problem is those 4 handles are not enough to fit this object (wich is a human body), therefore I wonder:

    How can I add more handles to make the selection more fit?

    Thanks for any help

    ps: talking adobe premiere pro (7.0) here
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    I can't remember how it was done in PP7.0 but try holding down the Shift key with a mouse click on the line where you want to add the new point, if that doesn't work try the ALT key or the CTRL key again with a mouse click. There should also be an eight point and sixteen point garbage matte available aswell in the same folder.

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    yeah, swap it for the 8 or 16 point garbage matt. I wasn;t aware thay you could add points. I'll look into tryign this myself. Might be useful.

    The other thing to note here is that you are pushing your video editor into the realm of compositing by attempting non-simple matting. For this job you really do need something like After Effects (which is designed for the job) where you can mask complex shapes properly and even feather the edges.

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    Thanks for reply guys, I tried looking in the keying folder after some 8 or 16 point garbage matte but I only "difference matte key", "green skreen key" and others. I thought I were able to add more handles in the properties somewhere but can't find anything doing that. Am I looking the wrong place?

    Edit: seems 8 and 16 point garbage matte came after premiere 7.0, dunno how they did it before though...
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    I used to do this with multiple track 16 point garbage matte's in Premiere.

    If you need a 32 point garbage matte, put a copy of the section of video on 2 tacks 1 above the other. Put a garbage matte on each track with half the mask on 1 track and the other half on the other.

    For 48 points use 3 tracks of video etc.

    If you only have a four point garbage matte it could be a real nightmare masking a human body in this way, but if it's something you wont use much and an updated version of a program you aready know (premiere) seems more tempting than learning after effects then it could be useful if you upgrade.


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    Thanks David, I did it that way and it worked just fine for my movie.

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