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    Hi all,

    i'm new to this forum, and wish to start video editing.
    I have a JVC GR-D390EK camcorder and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on my pc.

    The camcorder has a mini-usb port and a 'DV' port.
    I want to be able to transfer the video that I record on the mini-DV to my pc so I can beging editing and using Adobe.

    Can I do this by USB, or do I need a lead that goes to the DV port?
    I tried connecting it with USB, but nothing seemed to happen - and the PC would only recognise the camcorder when it was in 'play' mode and switched to memory card rather than video.

    I have tried searching the forum, but cannot find the answer I am looking for.

    thanks in advance,

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    Only use the Firewire DV port to connect the camera to the computer, USB is only used for transferring still images as you say from the memory card or turning the camera into a webcam. I can't believe you didn't find similar information to this on earlier posts as it is a very common question asked by newbies.

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