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Thread: My first video clip

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    Default My first video clip

    This is my first video clip and I want to know what you guys think of it.


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    Religion is cancer of the organ that is the human race.

    I loved the message/ideal. A better editing program would make it a lot better (instead of the 'typical' blue screen with white letters). Other than that it has real value.

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    thanks Brian

    I might wanna buy a better editing software,what do you recomend?

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    Hmm, I use Adobe Premier. I'm not sure what version, but it's probably a couple of years old. I use it at my highschool, so I have no idea how much it costs. Off the top of my head, another easy to use/handle program is Ulead Studio. Both of those programs are great. I've worked with both and recomend Premier because it has a more professional feeling. Of course there are plenty others, but I haven't had any experience with them.

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    Premiere elements gives more than enough features to produce professional videos for less than 100.
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    Great video. I really liked all the vox pops, clever way to get your message over. I didnt like the text in the red bar covering peoples mouths, but that was all I didnt like... thanks.

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    Thank you, Mark
    I am having a go at poems as a good sound background for future videos.It's very difficult to get a grip on but it's worth it.
    I am using Windows Movie Maker and I wonder if I should get a better software or should I stick to what I have?!
    Here is the link to the video poem ,its a un-edited version,more like an experiment.

    P.S if anyone wants to have a go at poems I suggest having 2 beers first in order to get the ilusion that you understand what you are doing.It worked for

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