Hello forum
For some reason my PC is not detecting when I connect a camcorder to it via FireWire. This PC has been used for capturing and editing for years with no problem but suddenly yesterday (after moving house - coincidence?) it will no longer detect either of my camcorders. When I plug them in to any of the 3 firewire inputs, I get the "big bong" sound that suggests it knows something has connected, then the computer freezes for a few seconds, and then nothing. "My Computer" shows no hardware connection (it used to show an image of a camcorder), and Premiere Pro says the capture device is offline. I have tried it with 2 seperate firewire cables and checked inside the PC for loose connections. Lastly, when I plug my Ipod or external hardrive in via firewire, it detects those as normal! I have tried turning the cams on after plugging in the firewire, and before etc.. to try variation.

What could have changed? I have tested my cameras out on another PC and both work fine too so it has to be some driver issue or hardware issue of somekind right?

Any suggestions most welcome!

James x