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Thread: filters, bleaching etc etc

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    Default filters, bleaching etc etc

    This is a trend i have noticed that is popping up in many new horror flicks,
    What the editors are doing is taking high violence scenes and color correcting (filtering) them to have a certain look that i feel works brilliantly, enhancing the realism to the whole visual effect.

    Example is 'The hills have eyes', when ever theirs a full on fight scene heaps of blood etc, they make it look almost like a bleached filter look, only obviously a bit different.
    It's like they skip frames to have it jolt a little and everything seems to move in a strange fast realistic way.

    Now trying to write this look is of course impossible but I'm hoping that one of you movie buffs will trigger what effect I'm talking about and will know how it is, or have an idea to how you think they are doing this.

    The hills have eyes is the only one that comes to mind at the moment, but I'll post more examples as they come back to the memory bank.

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    i have not seen the hills have eyes... but i think i have seen the type of effect you are talking about.

    pretty much i would say you already know what the effect consists of.. its just a case of playing with colour corrections within prem/AE and also mess with the frame rate and timing..... try using some flickers to make the shots look even more 'fast' (yet at the same rate) and clipy

    if you get this effect sorted i would very much like to see it.

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    Thanks for reply, I figured it just entailed color correcting it just right. but because I've seen it in a few movies now, I thought it might actually have a named attached to this great effect.
    If i put all the movies that use this effect up against each other, know doubt they probably are all different but creating the same effect visually.

    I won't be able to show you an example of it done by myself for at least a year. so it will be a long wait!

    My brother and i are still writing a movie and setting up the storyboard for the screen shots. Even though we haven't been editing for years as it sounds you guys have, we think (as probably most film makers do) that we know what will work well and deliver what the audience is after. hence I put up so many posts. Every time we plan a scene, then comes the time to try and work out how the heck it's done!

    So all advice is welcomed!

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    google the term 'bleach bypass'. I'm sure you'll find tons of hits. The effects is easy enough to reproduce in somethign liek Premiere Pro. It's a two or three stage process involving the same footage on two layers and carefull layer effects, that's all.

    In fact, I'm sure the subject has cropped up in the forums here before so try searching.

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    There are a few ways to create a bleach look. The way I do it is to increase the contrast and then de-saturate, it can be done on 1 layer and multiple looks can be created by messing with the settings.

    To make the footage look jerky, try using the wiggler in after effects or remove a couple of frames per/sec and make fast cuts so that the video jumps or a combination of both.
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    Thanks for replies,
    the effect I'm actually referring to isn't a Bleach effect,
    I was hoping one of you guys would know if it actually had it's own name, being that it's becoming a commonly used feature in movies.

    Or maybe it is a bleached effect while skipping a few frames etc.
    I like the idea of using the Wriggler, I'll be sure to give that a go also


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