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    need some guidance guy's

    I'm just putting the finishing touch's to a dvd i'm making of our Trip to LeMan's this year (group of 20 blokes go each year) & i want to finish it off with a nice Photo montage of all our pictures we took, there are about 300 photos in total

    I have a coupl eof really good programs that take the images & directly burns them onto a VCD, it has the nice panning & zooming effects on the pictures

    problem is i have been batteling to get the MPG file into Prmiere P 2.

    Does anyone know of a cheepish downloadable program i can use to make the photo slide show & then export to a nice un compressed avi ?


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    Why not just build your slideshow in PPro from your original images? or...

    If you use PPro then you may well be using Encore fro your DVD builds. Encore make building slideshows for DVD nice and easy. Not perfect but more than ok for the stuff I do.

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    yer i thought about using pro for it but there is far to many photos & a deadline of Thursday looming looking for a nice easy way of dumping the images into a folder lol

    i'll have a look at Encore though, i must admit i really only just got to grips with the basics last night on there so not really able to do anything flashy on there just yet

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