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Thread: Exporting DV to MPEG2 resolution problem...

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    Default Exporting DV to MPEG2 resolution problem...

    Hi all,

    Maybe its a stupid question, I tried to find the answer here but couldnt.
    The problem is this:

    We are trying to get Premiere to export a movie with the resolution 720 x 480. All settings seem correct. We export to NTSC. When we open the final product (in Media Player) it says the res is still 640 X 480. All used movies have a res of 720 or higher....

    Anyone know what i am doing wrong here?
    Thanx in advance for the help


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    Just guessing and/or thinking out loud but...

    The 640x480 happens to be in the standard 4:3 ratio for TVs.

    Possibly this is Media Player doing some sort of conversion on the fly so as to display the movie int he correct aspectg ratio. Possibly compensating for non-square pixels?

    What do other apps think the resolution of the clip is? have you tried importing it back into Premiere and seeing what it thinks it is and/or looking at the file properties in Windows Explorer if you can get at them for MPEG2 in Windows.

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