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Thread: Downsizing a file?

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    Default Downsizing a file?

    can someone please help me trying to put some videos online but the max size they will allow is 100 mb. is there anyway i can lessen the quality of my vids so they will be 100mb or less??

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    What file type and size are they now?

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    its a vob file and i have a few is 134 mb and the other is 400ish mb

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    convert them to mpeg or avi or wav files... that should decrease the one enough to get you under 100mb. The other larger one... you might have to re-render the vid in a lower quality to make it fit.

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    thanks...what do you use to convert them to mpeg or avi or wav??

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    I think he means .wmv , render them out of your editor in .wmv format with a bit rate of about 1mbit or download the free encoder from msoft. Check on the saite for more info, there is probably something about this is a sticky or faq somewhere, its a common question.

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