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Thread: Adobe is cutting off some edging around my video.

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    Default Adobe is cutting off some edging around my video.

    You can see that Adobe cut off edging on the top and bottom of the vid. When I imported the vid into Adobe, it was automatically like that. However, the original source is not like that. The original is fine. But when I import it into Adobe, it cuts off part of the top and bottom. Any ideas?

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    Details needed here I think. What are the settings of your project and properties of your video?

    I've never had this. You may have simply imported a large video into a project of smaller dimensions and PPro has simply cropped the vid to 'fit'. i.e. A PAL video imported into an NTSC project. PAL video is a bit 'bigger' that NTSC so you'll need to shrink it down to fit or crop it.

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    Well, I fixed it. The project size was bigger than the actual vid, length-wise. So I adjusted the size and now it fits fine. However, the quality of the vid isn't as good as I can get it on Vegas 7, so I'll be going back to that. I think Premier might be too advanced for me.

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    You say the quality doesnt seem very good on Adobe PP, but thats normal as it helps you with the editing, while if it was high quality (which you can change it to) your editing would be very laggy and rather time consuming, thats not something bad about Adobe PP its actually one of the good features.

    If you right click the monitor you can see the option "Quality" if you click on it you will have a choice between High, Draft or Automatic quality, depending on you PC's Specifications you may be able to edit smoothly in High quality or not, most people dont have PC's with requirements enough to edit in high quality, which explains why and a good reason for editing in Draft or Automatic quality,

    All the Best

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    Yes, and vegas is exactly the same so I really wouldnt swap editors cos of this if u like prem. I say this as a vegas advocate.

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