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Thread: Free Avid! They Are Too Nice!

  1. Default Free Avid! They Are Too Nice!

    not sure if this has already been posted but i thought i may as well stick it up here for people who are using movie maker and dont want pay for any editing software ---->

    although this free software is not packed full of extras and will only export to .mov it looks like a masive step up for people on movie maker.. also it uses multi track a/v (only 2 mind but its better than movie maker!)

    i havnt had a look at this download but from what i have read it sounds pretty good for nothing!

    anybody had a go with this i would love to see how you find it

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    Really difficult and really useless. It can give you a chance to familiarise with the Avid standard GUI, but it's sooo limited.

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    yeah its says its very limited... i posted if to those using movie maker and would like to try a multi track editing system

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    In some ways I'd say its worse than Movie Maker, at least Movie maker gives you the luxuary of chosing more than one export format. :/
    It's not about what camera you use or how much it cost.

    It's about what you shoot,
    how you shot it,
    and how you edit it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatoast View Post
    Free Avid! they are too nice
    I have used it longer time ago but it is actualy a seriously crippled version of it's older brother, second "problem" is that you need a rocket science degree to operate it. Furthermore it really likes the memory of your pc, especially for such a limited program it keeps your pc busy. Also the step up to it's older xpress pro brother is a quite expensive one, there is really nothing inbetween that you could consider a normal step for, let's say, movie maker clients. Then it's better just to spend a bit of money on Premier elements, magix videodeluxe and other NLE's in that price class, they offer a lot more then this free avid thing.

    The free avid software did really not convince me

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    tried it and copuldnt get the windows to stay in place, they seemed to snap back to the most stupid positions.
    I'll go back to pp2

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    I tried it out of curiosity a while back.

    Having been a Premiere user since version 5.1, I quickly realised that Avid was a learning curve that I didn't want or need to climb.

    Bert's a simpleton, and sticks with what he knows...

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