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    I am new to the video editing world. I have the basics understood (transitions, titles, etc...) but I want to learn more and get better at the art. My first question is... Ulead or Vegas?? Which would you say is the better of the two. I have worked with Ulead but there is so much to learn. I dont have the time to learn one software only to find out the other one might have been a better choice. I dont know how far I want to go with video editing, but my interest is definately there. Which would you say offers a better learning curve??

    Also, I have been watching lots of video clips and looking for ideas of stuff I want to do. One thing that I can't find is a simple title effect. I have a sample of what I want to do that I borrowed from another clip. Can anyone help me out on how to create this??
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    Not one hundred percent sure but it looks like 'Shine' plugin for After Effects.

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    Looks very much like the Vegas 'Light Ray' effect, tinted red and keyframed left to right.

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    yeh it is, thats very simple but yet looks great

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    These logo things get obsessive, just spent an hour an a half doing this....

    light rays keyed l to r as said with a lens flare keyed in the the middle and a gradient uncovering the words.

    Might tart this up a bit more and use it.

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    can it be done with Ulead Media Studio Pro?

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