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Thread: DVD - AVI editing problem

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    Default DVD - AVI editing problem

    Firstly, I just want to say that I tried searching the forum for the answer to these question, but found that the search function appears not to be working properly. It wouldn't even find a post with the search term 'DVD'. I looked in the FAQ too. The only thing that seemed relevant was to buy an expensive plug-in for Adobe Premier - not an option for me.

    I am sure thes are a frequently asked question so maybe the answers belong there too.

    What I am trying to do is take a small clip of some DVD video footage (created by a friend) and include it in my video project. This is proving tricky for a number of reasons.

    Does anyone know the best way to get editable video from a home made DVD?

    I have an annoying home made DVD that does not allow me to fast forward through chapters. This is really frustrating as some of the chapters are 47 mins long! Is there a way I can get around this to get to the bit that interests me?

    If anyone is able to help I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Copy your dvd .VOB files to the HDD and open the 1 with the piece you want in VirtualDubmpeg2 and go up to "video-compression" and choose the codec you want (not xvid or divX) something like huffyuv or uncompressed, if you have the panasonic DV codec loaded use that , then go to "audio" and make sure that direct stream copy is ticked and finally save as avi.

    The files will be huge and may playback a bit jerky in media player depending on the spec of your PC, but they should edit OK.

    To re-author the DVD you should be able to create a new disc in your author program, add the .vob files then you can add chapters of your own.

    If the DVD has been encrypted then it will need to be ripped first.
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    Thank you very much,

    that was very helpful advice, but I still have a small problem.

    I have managed to open the VOB file in virtualdubmpeg2 (nice bit of freeware!) and have changed the compression settings to various different codecs.

    Whichever codec I choose, the avi files I end up with are all out of proportion (skinny and thin) any ideas what settings I might need to tweak to get a normal proportioned avi?

    Thanks again,


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