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    Default 1394 Cable

    Each time I try to start Studio 8 Capture, get a note that can't initialize, should disconect and reconnect 1394 cable.
    I have a Dell with XP, Panasonic DV203. Dell has two USB ports, but no port for 1394.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 1394 Cable

    What settings are you using for capture? Sounds to me like you're using DV setting when for analogue capture...
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    Default 1394 problems cont

    Thanks for your quick response.
    Settings are DV, MPEG or Preview (Pinnacle Studio Version 8). Capture source is listed as DV Camcorder. Capture format is DV full quality, MPEG full quality, or Preview Quality.
    I'm using a Panasonic Digital DV 203.
    Computer is Dell 4600 with XP. Doesn't have firewire card, but each time I hook up video to try and capture, get "Can't initialize, disconnect and reconnect 1394 cable"
    LED on video says "Capture"
    Thanks for any help.

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    Your best bet is to buy yourself a Firewire card and cable. Then simply connect your camera to your PC using the firewire (or "1394" cable) and you'll be able to capture to DV fomat. You can pick up a firewire PCI card very cheaply from your local PC retailer.

    Alternatively you can use analogue capture. To do this, you'll need to select settings other than DV as you're not actually connected to the camera with a Firewire (1394) cable. Is there an option for analogue capture?
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    Not sure if there is an option for analog-will try if there is.
    If not successful, will go with card.
    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Thanks. Added fire card. Finally works.
    Many thanks.

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