Hey guys, am a new user to Sony Vegas 7 and DVD Architect 4.0. which i brought a online couple of days ago. Now i edit the video in Sony Vegas 7. I cut bits that were bad recording (using spilt) and there's a black part on the bit i but out in the media project time like its is shown empty the part i cut out. but i don't know how compile it as a video file to make it into a DVD for my family. I want to put a specific slow motion video file behind the menu. and 4 boxes to let my family pick what chapter the want to play. on a DVD

I need a good help before Sunday cos it has to be done then.

Hope u can understand what i want. If you don't sorry but am Deaf. When replying can i remind you to use simple English to help me to understand. this is the only Sony Vegas forum i can get i find, i can't get into the Official Sony Vegas cos some of my software its not accepting my Computer ID and Serial number.


Deaf Raiders

P.S i used Pinnacle Studio 10 but i fancy a change and learn new software