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Thread: 4 system build questions

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    Default 4 system build questions

    1. Xp-Pro or Xp-Media center ? I read a very long time ago that Pro was better for video edit over the home variation, but at that time Media Centre hadn't shown up yet. Anyone have an opinion ? Justify if you can please.
    2. Video Cards, AGP or PCI ? I understand that up to this point the AGP cards can be just as good as the PCI, so I could go either way and be happy. I am just wondering if PCI accessing directly to the north bridge is any messier for edditing priorities. I do play games but that is the secondary purpose for the computer not the primary.
    3. Raid 0 configurations. Still a chance I may order from dell. But their assembly options are messy, you can't allways get what your after. I talked to a sales rep that told me that it would not be possible for them to add a third drive. Well I would be happy to add the extra drive myself and then reload the OS, but I am not yet familiar with Raid configurations. I know win xp accomidates up to10 raids, but does the mother board ? Can raid systems be connected in a cable sellect configuration ? Or does each drive need to be connected directly to the mobo ? I realize this is a weak image but does it look like there could be room on this board to run 3 drives ?
    4. I am considering buying/assembling from a Canadian onlyine company called anyone familiar with them ? Does their pricing look fair ?
    thanks again.

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    Media edition is medioka, its not built as a user system but more as a entertainment system.

    PCi express, if you eiditn analog to digital as you can use the 16X interface where as AGP only hits 8X so its twice as fast (not a fact) Only onetype on graphics helps editing, that is the physix cards. these are geared more towards CGI

    Dell use older technology, so what ever board they are using it will be slower than current board from any place. dell use cut price board in there systems.
    There are Four SATA ports which is the most that many computer can use on a single port (4) most modern boards will take 8 over two controllers but they are not linked. so your maximum is 4 drives per array.
    Sata is totally differnt to cable select, as the config allows you to select the active drive, if its RAID 0 then that are part of a single drive and both active. Yes they need direct connections there is not dual connections like IDE ribbons.

    Tigerdirect is fine, had lots of reports on there systems, no big issues as I recall, you can head over to which is a US site and many people have exsperience of tigerdirect.
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