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Thread: Which Scart lead goes where?

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    Default Which Scart lead goes where?

    Hi All! I have a TV with 2 scarts, a DVD with 1 scart, a VCR with 2 scarts and a Freeview Set Top Box. The question is...... which scart lead goes where? I have everything working apart from the VCR..... there is one scart lead from the VCR going nowhere. I get a picture from the VCR, but no colour. The VCR records, but no colour! If anyone can help me, then I would be truly grateful!
    Many thanks!

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    LOL OK not really the right forum is it??

    Freeview box to VCR IN,
    VCR OUT to TV,
    DVD OUT to TV 2

    Check the leads if your not getting colour, it may be that the TV needs better/manual tuning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTWCMT View Post
    it may be that the TV needs better/manual tuning.
    To correct the above statement.... If you're using scart, tuning has no effect whatsoever. Tuning implies RF signal which scart isn't.... it's direct signal.

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    It sounds like the DVD and the VCR might be having compatibility problems. Try switching off the DVD player and see if that makes anything better.

    It won't be a "tuning" problem, it may be a cable problem or two machines trying to use the same connection.
    Scart cables aren't normally "out" OR "in", they usually just connect two bits of kit together, so don't worry if you can't find an "out" or "in" scart socket on your VCR or DVD player. There will probably be sockets marked "TV" and/or "recorder" or something like that.

    Edit: Oh, and welcome Duntowin, this IS the right forum for hardware problems.
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    Try all in th input settings on the remote, on my sony telly there is a butoon that clyles through the inputs (scart1, scart2, dvd, svid ect...) nad if it is 'wrong' i get a b/w pic sometimes - just a thought.

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