I've recently purchased a canon mv630i camcorder, at the same time i purchased a digital video editing kit, as my pc had no firewire. The kit came with MGI videowave 5 software, which to me seems fairly easy to use. However as my current pc has no dvd burner, all I'm looking to do at the moment is edit the capture with some simple text and then send it back to the camcorder.
After I have put some text on the capture and produced it, the software will not allow me to send it back to the camcorder (DV output ). DV output does not appear on the drop down box only output to full screen on pc. I guess it must be something to do with what format/template I produce the video in, but I have tryed lots of ways and can't seem to get any results.
Sorry for the long winded post, but as I say this is all new to me.

Pc is pentium 3/ 500mhz running on me with only 64 ram, Yes I know Its poor but saving for something better.

Help would be much appreciated