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    i have a huge favor to ask anyone willing to help.

    In short I want to take a film , A Few Good Men, and during the scene where Cruise and Nicholson are in court I want to take my head and my bossís head and put them in place of theirs. I will record my head saying what I want to say, and record my bossís head and what I want him to say.

    Can this be done relatively easy? Or if I can just make their mouths move with my lips and my bossís lips thatís cool too. Like Conan OíBrian does,. I donít care if I have to freeze the video at that part of the clip and just put in the moving lips. Its for a spoof at a meeting so if it looks choppy its ok too


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    You can use a track matte achieve this, here is a tut all about it.
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    I haven't seen that film, unless stuff is being blown up or there are lots of loud noises in it. In the scene you describe are the characters moving around or are they sitting/standing still?

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