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    hey, just signed up the forum and need some advice, hope you can help

    well, basically, I'm producing a video series for my forum and another forum, it'll be a 30m video every 4 or 5 months, that people can download, so basically, I've got to make that 30mish video into a file size no bigger than around 150mb, while still retainign as much quality as possible.

    so, what i really asking, is when i 'export movie', I know how to change that various compression options, but I'm not sure what will be best for me, and there are far too many to experiment with (yes i have tried, but to no gd result).

    what do you reken I should try? thnx


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    That will give you a bit rate of about 650kbit/s, that will look ok but not great using the wmv codec.

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    if you use a prog called sorenson squeeze you should be able to get a really good quality vid that is way less than 150mg

    give it a look.... its not reet cheep mind, but worth it.

    look around for some stand alone compression progs you may find a cheep one that is really good.

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    i dont mean to sound noobish, but what is bitrate? wmv codec? and how do these compression progs work? do you have a big uncompressed version, then feed it into the prog?

    thnx for the help

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    bitrate is how much info is on each frame, the higher the bitrate the bigger the file.
    WMV stands for windows media video, its a file format like .avi or .mov - its good for streaming vids.

    you really need to start with a high quality vid then compress it to a web vid to get the best quality you can.

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    o ok, i get it, thnx

    anyways, so what are the best compression aps called?

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    for wmv you can use the free windows media encoder which can be downloaded from

    If you want to do some tests, put your video in to win movie maker, then save to computer and choose the 512k download preset. this will give you a wmv file and some idea of the final size but the encoder has more options and can be tweaked to give better quality.
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    ok ill download the encoder

    any others to try?

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