I am new in Liquid Edition.
I previously use Pinnalce Liquid Pro (version 5) that comes with hardware (graphic card and Liquid 5.5 software).

Is it possible to use Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 to work with the above hardware?
I actually have downloaded Liquid version 6 from pinnaclesys.com, and installed it. I can't detect whether this newest version of Pinnacle can also take advantages (GPU CPU rendering power ect) while collaborating with the older pinnacle hardware?

While trying LE 6 on the "old" Pinnacle GPU, the first problem found while exporting to DVD. It goes to blue screen, informing that the device driver need to change with the work one. Is that the possible cause of the blue screen?

My Machine:
Intel Dual Xeon 2,8 HT
4GB ECC Reg Memory DDR PC 2700
Plextor 708A DVD writer
MB Supermicro XGL5

Please advise