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Thread: Easiest way to cut a video into hundreds of subclips?

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    Default Easiest way to cut a video into hundreds of subclips?

    I have a fairly large video that I need to cut into several hundred subclips and then export them into separate files. Are there any tools that might help me automate it?

    I know I can use virtual dub to select every start and end of a subclip and then manually export it, but c'mon - I can't spend my whole life on it

    I thought that the best way to do that is to drop something like Vegas' markers and then have the software automagically export everything inbetween the markers. It might look like that... the problem is that I cannot find that functionality.

    It is important for me to see the audio track, since precision is the key here, so most of the avi cutters/splitters/joiners/lossless editors/etc indie software just do not fit for this job.

    Do you know a software that can help me with that?

    The other way I thought about, is to have the program to export all of the markers in some easy to parse format (read: a text file), and then use avisynth, but then again - I'm not into video editing, so i don't know such an application.

    Anyway - any help would be highly appreciated!

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    If you have access to the source I would suggest recapture from the tape with scene detection on.

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    You could set up a batch export in Vdub and when all the clips are added to the list you go and have a life whilst Vdub does it's work.

    When you save as avi there is a tick box at the bottom left corner of the save as dialog box tick this before clicking save and when you have finished the edits go to file and job control and then hit the start button.
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    Thanks for the answers so far, but the problem is that this job is not only about exporting things, it's also about precise markers that I might need to adjust in the future. Also - seeing the audio track is a huuge advantage.

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