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Thread: RAM/slow CPU problem

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    Default RAM/slow CPU problem

    Hi everyone !

    I just wonder if it's possible to allow some more Flash Memory to Vegas cause I can't get a nice smooth preview .. It's kind of "jerked" (I dunno if it's the right word in English.. anyway..)

    I'm using Vegas 6..

    Thanks a lot !

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    Just lower the setting from best to normal in the preview settings. That will probably help alot.

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    mines still jittery. I'm using version 9. The files were .mts but now ive converted them to WMV so that they are compatable with vegas. But it still is jittery.

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    also depends on your pc spec, and the amount of things running in the background.

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    my computer is a brand new acer somethingorother and ive cancelled the process of lots of the acer software but it still is very jittery. Nothing I do changes it. Ive edited other footage from a different camera on there and its been fine, now that im using a different camera where ive had to change the file format its been playing up.

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    Being brand new does not makes things any better, during the early days of recordable DVDs the ones that did not play them were the big brands the cheap players had no problems.

    There are other things that run in the background you cannot see and are put there by programs, not knowing the specs it is hard to tell if the pC is up to the job, I have a Quad core and it struggles with Cannon 5D hi-def footage.

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    I've just found my specs, they were on my head!......too corney? Thought so.

    Its a Acer Aspire 5735Z

    Intel pentium duel-core processor T3400

    250 GB hardrive

    3 GB Ram

    1244 MB mobile intel graphics (what ever that is)

    Does that help?

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