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    Can I get some advise on a camcorder? I was considering the Sony as I've had Sony digital cameras and like them. Browsing through the cameras on Amazon I find there are about 3 different types. The ratings all mention that the video from the DVD carmeras is nearly impossible to edit, and if you edit you lose a lot of quality. But then reading the reviews from the other types, there are people who can't seem to edit the video from them either. Is this just a question of having the right editing software, or is it a hardware thing? I do a lot of travelling and think that I'd probably want to edit a lot. I'd be looking for a camera that would be under $1000 and have a 20X zoom. Is there some that compare to the Sony? I was most interested in the Sony DCR-SR100 3MP 30GB with my research so far, but it only has a 10X zoom. Being that I have a good digital camera, the camera function isn't all that important. Is there some without the feature, and can you get a better price if you don't get the picture function? Sure appreciate any help you can give me.

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    So, with my research I find that the mini-dv with the tape is the one with less compression and the one that you can edit well. The 3CCD model is the one with the better picture quality and Sony's cams are priced high with this feature. I've come to thinking that the Panasonic PV-GS500 is the machine for me with the best price for features. Sounds like the older 400 model would be better, but difficult to find as it's been replaced. Any comments?

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    well you answered your own question... you pay a lot for a sony but they are usually quite good

    DONT EVER BUY A DVD CAMERA!!!! unless you only shoot for fun - if you want to edit your footage they are crap and more trouble than then are worth.

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