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Thread: A Window in your busy Schedule?

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    Default A Window in your busy Schedule?

    I've just looked and noticed the dates for videoforum next year are now published. 6/7/8th Feb 2007 at Earl's Court 2 again.

    I've met a few of us regulars up there over the couple of years I've been going and look forward to meeting even more (and not just because it Andy's turn to get the coffees this time either ) so reckon it's time to at least start thinking about whether to go or not because I need to start haggling for the time off work.

    I've spent just over £2K per show, on average so far. I know I'll not have that sort of money next year though so will likely concentrate on the seminars and networking a bit more...

    So who's likely to be 'in' then? I'm likely to be there for at least two of the three days.

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    Assuming I can get the time off work, I'll be there! Purchasing will of course be non-existant!

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    Put me down... If I'm not "performing" I'll come over just to meet up with you guys!

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    Living in London, itís just a tube journey away for me. Attended this last couple of years, and I knew you gents were there last Feb, but being a bit of an antisocial git, I didnít look you up.

    Iíve been sitting on the fence about a buying a nice new shiny cam, but still canít decide which one. Also (shudder) Iím losing interest, all I enjoy now is doing fancy graphics pieces like animated backgrounds. Maybe itís just a phase!

    It would be nice to meet up over a cup of rocket fuel, though.

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    Ok, Ok....I'll buy the coffees....

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