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    Hi all

    I am looking to go more serious into videography and i am looking at camera's to buy. I am not a millionare so price is a very big issue with me. I am looking to spend between 500 to 1000 euros on a 3ccd camera.

    I have googled around and seem to have found that the canon xm1 is very good allrounder. I film everything from weddings to heavy metal gigs. At the moment i film with 2 canons, mv750i & mv850i. I do have problems with them indoors suffering from video noise in the picture. And all sound is becoming for me more and more important. So the option for an external mic is a must.

    If you have any experience good or bad with this cam i would love to know about it. Also if you have any better cam to surgest i would also love to hear from you.


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    i have a canon xm1 and for the price its is tip top!
    not sure you will get one for 500 - 1000 euros tho.... best place to look for that price will be ebay - but be careful - make sure you know what condition it is in!

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