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    I'm using a Panasonic pv-gs150 and I'm having auto focus issues. I'll have the camera perfectly still and in focus in a room (or outside) and all of a sudden, my camera jumps out of focus and goes blurry. (The light doesn't change and there's no movement that may cause this.) Sometimes it will come back in focus...sometimes i can zoom in and it will correct...but still. It ruins the shot. Of course I could fix it by just using manual focus. But the camera hasn't always had this problem. In fact I have a 180 and I'll set both up next to each other and the 180 works beautifully. Any ideas on the problem or how to fix it?

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    AF works on phase detection – the sensor ‘bites’ where there’s clearly a difference in contrast. When a lens hunts for focus it’s usually because blank featureless areas confuse it. If this happens when the VF is trained on a contrasty scene, it sounds like a fault.

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    I'm just sending the camera back. I think it's just a manufacturing defect.

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