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Thread: More than 1 clip on page.

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    Default More than 1 clip on page.

    I was just wondering if it is possible to have say 4 clips on one page playing all at the same time. So imagine the preview window cut into 4 sqaures, is it possible to have 4 videos playing at the same time?

    Many Thanks.

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    Yep, place each clip on a seperate track then use track motion to resize them and place them. The icon you need to select looks like 2 small overlapping sqaures and is above the track level slider.

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    Thanks friend.

    To save me making another thread, I was wondering if you can do like blood splat effects on the screen? Im making a film and need a blad splat effect to hit the screen?

    Is this possible?

    Many Thanks for your time.

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