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    I'm using Flash to generate some really cool text and graphic animations to go over the top of some video footage of a nightclub to be run on their 4 video walls.

    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my video footage and I then tried to import my .swf's. Unfortunately Premiere does not support .swf. I should have guessed that really!! I know i can export .avi from flash, but that also exports the white background, that I really don't want. I have learnt that I can remove the white background from .avi through Premiere, but it takes ages and it doesnt quite remove it all.

    I have now found a plug in for Premiere Pro called Flashants
    Swf2Video Plug in for Premiere which allows me to import swf directly into premiere without any backgrounds, which is perfect. I have tried there trail version and it does excacly what I need it to do. BUT to buy the full program is a massive $150. I blow most of my budget buying Flash.

    So I'm wondering whether anybody knows of any other FREE plugins or programs out there that will enable me to import .swf directly into premiere pro with no Backgrounds.



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    In this (and another thread this was touched on) you've only mentioned a white background.

    Have you tried making your background, in Flash, a different colour and attempting to get Premiere to 'key' it out. i.e. try the more normal 'blue' or 'green' backgrounds for blue/green-screening. I've never heard of white-screening before.

    I just wondered if you might get a cleaner result from keying out a different colour other than white, that's all.

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    i agree with the previous post...good color to work with are


    hope it helps

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    I second that motion. Seeing as I don't have photoshop, and Premiere titler is shitty, I create a lot of my titles in Fireworks (which is also Macromedia). I always just use blue backgrounds (#0000FF) and use the bluescreen option to key out the background. Works a treat.
    The saying \"always back up your work\" applies to video aswell!!

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    you can export as an .swf in after effects so if you have that then just export as an .avi in premiere and then reexport it in after effects.
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