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Thread: DVD chapter problem in Sony players

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    Unhappy DVD chapter problem in Sony players

    Hello, new here at the forums. Looks like a great place so far!

    I use Vegas 6 to edit and render my videos, and DVD Architect 3 to create and burn the finished DVDs. I recently experienced a strange problem with one out of three DVDs. I created 3 separate video edits, making a master DVD of each video. The media used were Sony 8X orange-label DVD-R discs. Discs were authored at the slowest possible burn speed in DVDA3 to avoid skipping and errors

    I did everything as usual. Editing was carried out in Vegas with chapter markers inserted at key points in the video, rendered as an mpeg-2, Best Quality, video quality slider to max, 48 kHz audio. Final rendered file plays fine, chapters work normally when commanded to skip to the next/previous one. Then in DVDA3 create a simple title page, added the rendered video file, checked playback preview. Again, chapters functioned as designed. Disc was burned by DVDA at 2x speed, then tested in both my Panasonic set-top DVD player, Dell laptop drive, and Toshiba DVD burner where it was made. All these players recognize chapters and go back/forward correctly.

    I needed several copies of each master disc, so I used a duplicator to make the copies. After finishing, I tested each copy, however, this time I had a Sony brand set-top player to check them with. The chapters failed to play when the disc was run in the Sony player!!!!!!! I tried all the masters and copies in a Dell PC (worked), my Dell laptop drive (worked) and a second, different-model Sony set-top player (failed). The other 2 masters were OK and did work in the Sony units . So strange, been doing this for several years and NEVER seen this happen before. No hint of a burn problem, used slowest burn speed (had seen problems using high-speed/auto speed select burns resulted in skipping/errors in playback). Have used Verbatim, TDK and Sony DVD media, Sony seems most reliable. Maybe I just got one flaky disc?

    Anybody else ever had this Sony player problem? If you attempt to change to the next chapter, video freezes and won't resume, can't change chapter or play at all. It will play through if you leave it alone and don't touch anything though. All other player brands don't care and chapters will do anything you tell them to !

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    Yep, common(ish) problem. Sony DVD players are just a bit picky about what they read.

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    Yes, I have found some sony players to be fussy too.

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    Thanks guys, I guess Sony's error tolerances for disc reads are a bit tighter than most, not necessarily a good thing always. It's like having your car shut off unexpectedly if even a minor fault is detected (a bad brake light) instead of setting a fault code and letting you keep driving until you get a new bulb!

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