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Thread: Fadin videos slow down.

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    Default Fadin videos slow down.

    When I seem to fade clips together it will slow down. So when I cross fade (I think its called) the clip will began to slow down. After the fading is over its fine. Does anybody else get this?

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    this is just in the preview you see this, its because your pc is having to apply the effect in realtime.

    When you actully render the video it will come out just fine.

    If you have enough ram you can click on the tools menu and select to reneder a preview to RAM to see how it looks or preview in player where it will do a render and display in your player.

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    Most likely that this is just occuring in your preview window. Perhaps a lack of RAM? Try lowering your preview mode to the lowest res. When it's rendered it should be fine.

    EDIT - Danny got his reply in before I submitted mine.....

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    Thank you very much. I cannot fault this site, or its people. Truly great. Thanks!

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