I am having problems with Studio 8 DVD menus and I am hoping someone out there can help. I am recording 2hrs of holiday video onto DVD with a self created menu. I am using place names in text as buttons on a picture background. I have ensured that each place name is set as a "normal button", but each time I try, regardless of how many placename buttons I have per page, 5, 6, 7 or more, the bottom two will never highlight when I search the menu on the TV's DVD player. Is there a maximum of four per page, or is there something else I must do to enable more than four per page?
I am using a P4 1.5gb, 516mb RAM, 160 gb HDD, TDK DVD writer

Also, I appreciate that "4.7gb DVD" translates to about 4.3gb of storage, but why will Studio 8 only ever allow me to create about 4.05gb per DVD?