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Thread: Memory Chip or Tape?

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    Default Memory Chip or Tape?

    Forgive the foolish of this question, because itís so basic, but I have just purchased a Panasonic NV-GS55 camera, which of course I love, but like all Panasonic products the userís manual was more or less authored for a computer programmer with little attention given to the whys and the wherefores.

    So my question is simple; what are the advantages or disadvantages of recording to the memory card as opposed to the cassette tape? Also, if anyone knows of a link to answer basic questions, such as the aforementioned question, I would deeply appreciate it.


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    Use the tape if you want a high quality video that you can edit and / or put on a dvd. If you want a highly compreseed video that will not look nearly as good but will fit easily on the internet so others can see it use the memory card.

    Once you shoot something on the memory card it cannot be turnned back into a high quality video.

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    Default Thanks & Opinion on Editing Software


    Thanks for your time and experience in providing me with your response, for the much needed knowledge, which is required in this artistic science.

    Any opinion on a good software editing package?


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    I suggest trying out some free trails and seeing which one you like the look / feel of.

    They all have thier supporters but most modern editors are very good tools in the right hands.

    Dont forget xp has a basic and suprisingly usefull editor built in - next there are stripped down versions of pro editirs for around 50 to 150 quid and then the complex semi pro and pro programs that are very flexible but may be unneccercery for some and maybe too much to learn - expect to pay upwards of 400 quid.

    Trials :

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    Default Software Editors & Panasonic Video Offerings

    Mark W.

    A ďspecialĒ thanks for the link of software vendors and the price approximations for the varying levels. I believe Iíll start by downloading Ulead, since Iíve always had a fair amount of success in the past with their software when revising digital photos and creating web site .gif(s).

    I note in your forum signature you may have experienced unfortunate luck with your Panasonic (ďPanasonic NV-DS28 (crap cam))? Iíd like to inquiry if this is your feeling towards the full Panasonic video camera product offering or just this particular model?

    Again, thanks for your invaluable insights on editors.


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