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Thread: a new user of adobe elements

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    Question a new user of adobe elements

    Hi everybody...I started working with adobe elements since a month and I've faced a couple of problem which I cannot figure out how to solve...
    I unlinked audio&video in some clips but now I want to link them back link audio&video button in Clip doesn't work, the group one neither...
    Also, I cannot delete an effect from a clip, I can change it but I cannot delete it!
    Could anybody help me?Im a bit stuck...

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    Deleting an effect from a clip can be done a few different ways. One way is to select the clip in the timeline, from the windows menu (at top of the page) select the effects control panel (you may already have this open). In the effects control panel you will see motion and opacity listed, then you should also see the name of the effect you've added to the clip (make sure you still have the clip selected in the timeline). Simply select the name of the effect in the panel and press delete on the keyboard.

    Assuming you have the audio and video still present in the timeline, try selecting both of them (holding down the shift key), then right click on one of the clips and select link. You'll need to make sure they're both in the same position first though.

    Hope this helps


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    Talking thanx:)

    Hey...sorry for my delay but I have been away
    Thanx for the advices, I tryed what u've said and it works!


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