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Thread: 3D opening titles.

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    Unhappy 3D opening titles.

    Been a lurker for a while now and while i have my own little projects which are no where near as good as you guys make, im in a fix...

    I have searched the forums for the past week and a bit now (Should have been working) but still cant find the answer to my 2 questions:

    1. I am using Cool 3D (Ulead) and once i have completed the 3D text and surroundings i want for the opening scene (Video title and who is in it kind of thing) i cant seem to render it in a good enough quality to be able to pop it into my Video which is being edited in Ulead Visual Studio 10.

    2. When i do get a single graphic (Logo) to a "Goodish" quality, it judders on playback once rendered as an .avi.

    Does anyone have any render settings, or info on how to get the best out of my 3D moving text so it would be good enough to put onto a video which will be burnt to DVD eventually.

    If you want to try it yourself so you know what im talking about:

    "Your name" in 3d gold colour, starts face on to the camera. Light is behind which is a spotlight shining through the text and a mild "Sun" effect from a source light off to the texts right. The camera starts by looking at the text, then flys towards the first letter turns to the right so the name is all on the screen then the camera moves towards the last letter in the name but slowly builds speed as it goes, off into black.

    When i render it to avi it looks pants in full screen and when i add it to my video as the opening credit / scene it is laggy and if i burn the first 30 seconds to a DVD (Tried different types and manufactures) it looks even worse on the TV (PAL) in that you can see the 3d text jumping or shuddering.

    Has anyone got any ideas please as its driving me off my head. If i can figure out how to do it ill try and post what i mean on the site.

    Cheers in advance guys.


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    The trick here is to ensure that your Cool3D projetc settings are correct for AVI Video. In Cool3D try the following,

    1, From the Projects menu select Dimensions. Click the 'Standard' radio button and from the drop down menu select '720x576 Pixels (DV PAL full frame video).

    2. Complete your project as desired.

    3. When exporting to and AVI File (File > Create Video File) in the dialog box click the Options button

    4. Click the 'Compression Tab' and set compression to DV Video encoder type 1' then click OK and save your video.

    5. Proceed to your video editor and import the file you just created.

    6. Enjoy
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    Thanks for the advice, ill give her a go when I get back home..

    I was always under the impression however that if I wanted the best out of the video editing package (Video Studio 10) that I should keep all things in avi format until I needed to render a finished project. Ill try the save as settings you said when I can.

    On the same subject I have bumped into another amateur short video / movie / film editor who swears by truespace while at work. So while im stuck on this oil rig im looking at projects created with truespace and im amazed. I will download an older version and give it a go. If anyone wants to have a look at some things made with truespace type it into google and there are loads.

    Thanks again for the reply.


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