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    Interested to see that penridge multi media were demonstrating both the new Sony Vegas 7 + DVD and Premiere 2 Pro from Adobe but had chosen to hide it all away at the back of their stand.
    I found it by accident and was glad I did.
    The Sony Vegas has had rave revues in the press and I was pleased to see it working.
    The guy who was demonstrating it for Penridge said the systems Penridge build are specifically designed for editing and that's why it was working so fast. He did say that of all the systems he demonstrates and works with the Sony Vegas is the most stable and the quickest to work with.
    As he works for Sony I suppose he would say that wouldn't he!
    However as a Premiere 6.5 user I was more interested in the Premiere 2 Pro package at 1,799 (+ vat) which included the software. Again the demonstrator was excellent and he was only a young guy. Again he said the system Penridge had supplied was quicker than he'd used before so maybe it's right that they have the magic knowledge to build specific systems for specific software. Apparently the original owner Jamie Swanson was there at the show and they've been building edit studios since the 70's and know their stuff. He's the guy that invented the case for video cassettes and used to manufacture cassettes for JVC as well as duplicating and building studios . I was impressed with this and decided to upgrade in the near future but am having difficulty deciding whether to change to the Sony.
    reasons being: The Sony was running really quickly and because it doesn't need anything like a matrox card is not hardware dependent. It has a completely customisable interface so I'm sure I could get the layout perfect and there is no importing scenes you just drag and drop.
    However the price of 1,799 is the same for either set up and the Premiere Pro 2 suite does include a Matrox card and breakout box so it seems more for the money. I could earn a bit extra doing VHS and S-VHS conversions onto DVD. When I was having the Sony Vegas demonstration the big boss of Sony Software from America (Sony USA) was on the Penridge stand so they are obviously well supported by Sony and that is a plus for that system as I understand Adobe don't even have a distributor or technical back up in the UK.
    Both systems offered a 3 year warranty from Penridge and were identical spec of 3.4 Ghz Processors; 2 Gig of RAM etc with all the necessary inputs and over 500 Gig of Hard memory.
    It's a difficult choice!

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    In my opinion the two (Premiere and Vegas) will both perform admirably well. The main difference between the two will be perception: one interface may be more suited to you than another for example. That said, the look and feel of Pro 2.0 is somewhat different to that of 6.5. Indeed Pro and 6.5 have no relationship whatsoever.

    In terms of real time preview, both Vegas and Premiere Pro offer this without hardware acceleration. The difference with Premiere Pro plus hardware will be realtime (or harware acceleterated) MPEG output. That's a bonus.

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    Thanks for that feedback. I noticed with Sony Vegas 7 it is possible to customise the interface, timeline at top or bottom or even a vertical timeline! I suppose however that one soon gets used to a different layout and moving from 6.5 to whatever will be different.
    I suppose Penridge may have included the Matrox 100E just to show different systems as the demonstrator said his other system doesn't use the Matrox but an nVidea graphics card and nothing else.

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