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    Hi, I have finnaly got of my arse and decieded to have a go at making a short film. This is all that is shot so far (it took two days of shooting) and its very boring because it is only the opening of the film (which will be great when the whole thing is complete.)

    Opinons will be appreciated!


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    Sorry but...

    The sound is awful!

    At the beginning there is no "atmo" sound at all, there should be something, in the real world there are always sounds, even in a garage shop.
    When the actors talk you can hardly hear the dialogue, not only because of the low volume but it's muffled and, if you increase the volume, there are far too many background noises (wind, car noise etc.etc.).

    I guess you used the on-camera microphone. If that's the case then you need to dub the voices (or shoot it again) Sorry.

    There is also a horrendous jump-cut near the end of the clip.

    Apart from that... You're right, it is slow.

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    well, thank you for your input. I did say it was unfinished, i should of said the sound is not complete yet. We actually used a boom for recording of the inside. We didnt record a atmos track, which in hine site we should of done. This first scene is just setting up what is about to unfold.
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