I am trying to upload my 10 minute film to YouTube (my first submission), but have reached a stumbling block and hope someone might be able to help.

My film is completed in LIQUID EDITION, and I need to export it to my desktop and direct YouTube to it in the upload process. I've so far tried to export as an MPEG (YouTube recommends MPEG4 at 320 x 240 res), but the result has created several files including seperate video and audio files. Not only that, but my video file alone is 850 meg - maximum allowed into YouTube is of course 100 meg.

Two questions: Which are the best settings for export to give me one complete video and audio file compatible with YouTube, and how do I compress the file to make it under 100 meg?

I appreciate there will be significant quality loss with such a reduction, but I'm still at the experimentation stage and plan to submit smaller films with improved quality.

Any help much appreciated.