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    Default My First Video Completed

    Hello Friends,
    Finally I completed my first video. Please let me know your feedback on my work. I and my collegue acted in this song. Camera was handled by my friends. Total 3 days of dance practice, 5 days of shooting, 4 days of editing, too much of travelling and final output is below..

    I am sorry for the size of the file. I tried but could not reduse the size of the file.

    Awaiting for your feedback.

    Jagdish (Ravi Vide)

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    Download is slowing to less than 7kb/sec, could take 2 hours to finish, but I was looking forward to seeing this. I’ll try another time. Can you host it some other way?

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    Hi Tony,
    I saved the file with reduced size with some reduced quality. You can find the file below. Still it is 29MB.

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    Jagdish, I’m not best qualified to judge on all counts, but here’s my opinion:

    The song is great, I love it, but video-wise, I think the hand-held camera is still too shaky, and this lets it down. The final edit is uninspiring. Shots from varied angles is the right idea, but it just seems to lack dynamism or zip. Overall, it’s fine, but it could and should be outstanding – especially with such a beautiful location.

    Music vids seem to combine studio and location shots to enhance the energy of the music. The riverside backdrop needs to be varied, I think. Maybe you could introduce some unusually-lit indoor takes.

    It’s hard to single out one individual point; there’s a few ways it could improve, like most of the shots are full face-on – some ‘cutaways’ would vary this.

    There are experienced videographers here who could make more positive suggestions. I’d try some visual effects, some split-screen, and overlays, and colour tint.

    Sorry to sound so negative, but while the music is great, I think the edit doesn’t do it justice.

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    Thanks for the honest feedback. I really need such comments and advices as I am still new to this field. I will get a tripod before planning for any further shoot. Also I will stop acting and will concentrate and shooting and editing. I will catch you soon with a better video.

    All, Here is another link to the video.


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