Ok I guess most people know this, but this can help anyone with weird bugs or problems. It's also apply for most ram/cpu hungry software and older machines.

The solution : RESTART!
I noticed that if I have a bug or a render that crashes or a burn that won't finish, most of the time I've been using my computer for other stuff at the same time or for the past two days witout restarting... that's when problem occurs. A fresh restart and don't open anything else than the problematic software. I assure you doing so will prevent a lot of weird stuff going on. Once you get very serious about a software, think about getting a pc almost dedicated to it. By reducing the numbers of different weird codecs, or encoder or protocols (asio etc...) you automaticaly reduce the crashes/bugs factor.

I know most pros knows this, but most newbies might not think about that.

Hope it helps!