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    Hey guys, just exporting my CS 1.6 Movie but i notice the quality isnt to great, and when i compress it using DivX i cant even read the text.

    Therefore my question is :

    What is the highest quality u can render a video as? (Sony Vegas 6.0)

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    First off, how did you get the footage? Fraps or jpgs stiched with Videomach?? If using fraps what capture settings are you using? When rendering with Divx what output setting are you using and are you doing single or double pass encoding? also check the properties in vegas are set to 'Non (progressive scan).

    Edit......... Sorry I've just noticed you areusing Windows Movie, never used it myself.

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    If you're referring to the title under his name that's not a software pacakge of his choice - its a title based on number of posts.

    Highest quality of vegas is as high as the input quality - i.e. full uncompressed

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