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Thread: Software confusion: what's right for me?

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    Default Software confusion: what's right for me?

    First of, thanks you for answering my post! I read a CRAPLOAD of stuff on internet, but the more I read, the more confused I get.

    Those are my questions:
    -Is my hardware ok?

    -What software should I use?
    -Compression issues (mpeg VS Dvix VS…)

    I’ll be doing a video compilation of many small “films”. There will be about 8 films each 15 minutes long and mostly made with sony (type DCR-HC40) miniDVs.

    I’ll be using many transitions, adding sounds and music and many titles, (maybe using green screen…)

    My Hardware (PC) :
    AMD Athlon4 @ 1.46 Ghz
    768 Mb Ram
    Ati Radeon 9800 w/ 128 Mb

    250 Gb @ 7200 Rpm w/ 16Mb buffer
    Sony DCR-HC 40 miniDV video-camera

    Now for the software, I tought about those:
    Premier 6.5, Premier Pro 2.0, Premier Elements (didn’t know the difference)

    Also, Avid media composer or Xpress DV Pro or else… Ulead? Pinnacle? Sony Vegas?
    I’m so confused…

    For the titles, should i get another program that does only titles then overlay the clips?
    If so, what software?

    For the compression, I played a bit with mpeg.. but didn’t get what I tought.
    What should I use for Capture from my mini-DV camera? (AVI, mpeg??)
    Once I got this 15 minutes clip, what should be the type/compression?
    Once I got all those movies compiled on one BIG movie, what should be the final type/compression
    Dvix, mpeg1,2,3,4, mov??

    Whats linear editing?
    What is considered HD?


    Just another video editing guy...

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    your PC specs look a bit low. However, if you have a firewire port then you'll be able to capture and edit fine - if a bit slowly. memory is a bit light by modern standards and you may have trouble running something like Premiere Pro 2 with what you have. Editors generally consider to have at least two physical hard drives. One for the operating system and the other for video work.

    Froom what you've described you want to do, i.e transition, add sound etc then you should be fine with the cheap option of Premiere Elements. However, be warned that statements like "I'll be using many transitions" is a complete turn off to most people here. You'll find that many transitions equates to a poor movie.

    Having said all that, if you are intending to do some blue screening then you are stretching the boundaries of your average editor and you might want to start thinking about getting a compisitting tool like After Effects or Combustion as well for that type of work.

    Always capture MiniDv tapes as AVI and leave them uncompresses. Only when editted shoudl you even start to consider compression and the levels and type of compression will (should?) depend entirely on how you are to deliver your movie. i.e. is going on a DVD or will it be uploadable or streamed via the interwebby thingy I hear people talking about.

    SD is basically DVD quality video. HD is considered anything at a higher resolution to that.

    As to "What's linear editting?". The answer, thankfully is "history!"

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    Thank you Alan!

    I forgot to mention that i do have one dedicated 250 Gb HD, and another for my OS. I'm thinking about getting more rams, that's for sure!

    The "many transitions" was meant more like many cuts... (I basically only use fade transitions...)
    I made a couple of clips (using FCP on my friends mac) i do not consider myself PRO, but i'm not an complete amateur :P)

    For PC editing, you suggested P-Elements, I'm a bit scared that i'll be limited if i use elements... i have no idea what's that difference between elements and's the difference? Can i run them both?
    And what about 6.5?

    Aside from adobe, what's your say on other software like Avid or...?

    Thanks again!

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