I've been searching for help in various forums and can't find the answer. I hope this is related place to post this.

Thing is, my connection is slow, so I can't stream the videos, which are WM from MMS locations. However, I could download them and watch them offline without any lagging... But I can't do that.

Even with SDP software, which says can download "mms" type files.

Could someone please tell me how to download the show at:

The Video called - "Steve-O and Carson Daly"

If I can stream it, then it's somewhere. But I can't find or download it in any way. It says in SDP that: "Server Error Message : You do not have access to the location or file"

Internet Download Manager asks me to type in login name and password when I try to download the file. So how this is possible. I can stream it, but I can't download it?

Maybe someone could help me out?