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Thread: Problem: Sony Support quit helping me

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    Default Problem: Sony Support quit helping me

    I have been working with sony support (email) for about a week on a video capture issue, and they just quit replying to my questions because they can't figure it out. I can't get support on the phone because it costs at least $14.95 to get a one time answer to a problem. Has anyone else had this problem ? If sony can't give me support what do I do ? Attached is the thread of our emails.
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    connexant normally have issues with most things, they are cheap and always fail, so it you have that type of chipset it could be a big issue, its odd that windows picks it up and vagas dosent.

    My first though is that vagas dosent support the card you may be using. try finding the driver and moving it to the system32 folders and the drivers folder, this may fix the issue. check the manfact's website for drvier updates and also search the internet for topics regarding custom drivers and software compatibility upgrades etc.,
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    Thanks for the reply,

    I think you are on to something. I deleted the conaxant driver, and video capture works...then I reinstalled it but gives me an error. I attatched it. (low resolution)
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    I got it working thanks to GTWCMT. My capture card is video/mpg/tuner/FM all in one. I just had to disable everything but mpg capture and it works fine. Luckly I don't use any other features on the card....yet. Sony's support was worthless.

    Thanks GTWCMT, for steering me in the right direction.

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