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Thread: can't activate recorder???

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    Default can't activate recorder???

    I know that there are many who have had this issue. I am just another one.

    I have looked for days and days for the answer to no avail. I cannot figure out the problem.

    I have a Sony HDR FX1. I'm capturig in PP2. I haver captured many tapes. But one day... nothing. No matter what I try, I get the same result. "Cant actiate recorder. Try resetting camera".

    If I had hair I would pull it out.

    I have followed all instructions to the letter from But still I get nothing. Ihave ninstalled and reinstalled PP2... same results.

    PLEASE. If anyone has any info that may help... I'm up for anything at this point.

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    sir, try to check you capture card if your using one, or try to check with you firewire if you are in this technology, the problem maybe is that, make it sure that the driver of the firewire is working well, right click on your computer and check on the hardwares, this problem occurs sometimes when we plug the firewire to the dv cam while the cam is turned on.
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